Obalon Weight Loss Balloon

Obalon is a new treatment for people that are overweight or obese who have struggled with diet and exercise alone. The Obalon Balloon is a swallowed capsule that is inflated in the stomach to give a feeling of fullness, helping to kick start a weight loss programme.

I have a well-established and successful service for providing this exciting new            non-surgical weight loss treatment As one of the most experienced providers of the Obalon Balloon treatment in the UK, I have many very successful clients that have lost life-changing amounts of weight.

Spire Roding Hospital provides Obalon Balloon appointments – to  to discuss your options, please call the Spire Roding Hospital or contact my secretary directly.

for more information, just type ‘Obalon’ into any search engine, see www.obalon.co.uk and watch the Obalon balloon information video.